Source for Well-Being

Sharlette Winters, Lic Ac

Acupuncture Physician, Clinical Hypnotherapist,

Empath Yoga Instructor

PHILOSOPHYSharlette Winters

Sharlette is passionate and dedicated to helping people live a more joyful and healthful life. She focuses on treating the WHOLE person, using a blend of natural healing modalities, techniques, and skills. Sharlette is dedicated to educating her clients so that they can be empowered to make the right decisions for themselves and experience profound changes in their lives.


Sharlette Winters graduated with a Bachelor’s in Health Sciences and earned her Master’s in Oriental Medicine from the Florida College of Integrative Medicine in 2010. She supplemented her education while studying abroad in Shanghai after graduation.

Sharlette is a state licensed, NCCAOM board certified acupuncturist who has been practicing for almost a decade. Sharlette is also a certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, certified Empath Yoga teacher, practitioner of Nutrition Response Testing (NRT) and Neuro-Emotional Technique (NET).

She integrates her intuitive approach and muscle testing/applied kinesiology to more accurately determine meridian blockages and remedies to help patients regain a state of balance and wellbeing. Other treatments she offers include allergy desensitization, cupping, food therapy & nutritional consulting.


Sharlette loves working deeply to help people get clear on the beliefs and emotional blocks that impede their energy and keep them from accessing their source- so that they can live their lives more fully & joyfully. She helps them discover what she calls “emotional alignment.” Emotional Alignment is a method for helping someone identify their own truths and goals to restore balance & regain energy and health in their life again. In this process, old wounds and traumas are often released so that one can recognize how those things have been expressing in their daily life and through particular ailments and symptoms in their body. This allows more freedom to move forward and experience deeper healing.

Muscle testing (used in both NRT & NET) is used to communicate directly with the nervous system which gives access to your body’s intuition or higher knowing. This helps to uncover any nutritional deficiencies, emotional blocks, as well as environmental stressors or dis-balances in the organs, glands, and tissues of the body.


I believe that our life experiences shape us, and that mine have also helped grow and define me as a healer. It was my own health crisis that lead me to the path of alternative medicine. I was only twenty years old, yet faced with the possibility of cancer- and of course where my mind led me-possibly death! At that time I didn’t realize this was a gem in disguise, and that the disregard and lack of consideration I experienced with the Western medicine model would propel me into a journey of self-discovery, and ultimately, self-love and healing.

Having gone through this challenging period I sought out ways in which I myself could be an active participant in MY health, and I turned to alternative modalities. One of the most important things I learned is how detrimental it is for healthcare practitioners to take away someone’s power, consciously or unconsciously. We all hold vital keys to our joy and well-being, but we often don’t realize it, and this is the very thing that makes me so passionate about working with others. I have learned that it’s my responsibility to hold space and facilitate the healing process for others, and that each individual is their OWN healer.

I am filled with gratitude and deeply humbled every time I have the gift of working with others in a healing space.