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Please call Sharlette at (828) 419-5111 to schedule a new patient acupuncture appointment. After your initial visit, you will be able to use the convenient online scheduler.


Returning Clients may access the appointment book.

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To change or cancel an appointment, look for the original confirmation email  you received when the appointment was made.  From there, you can click on it to change or cancel.  If you need assistance, please contact us by calling 828-419-5111.

As a courtesy to other clients on the waiting list, and to avoid being charged for the appointment,  there is a 24 hour cancellation policy.

Available Treatments

Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture Treatment, $150

  • 2-hour new patient intake and acupuncture treatment
  • follow-up appointments will last 1 hour, $85
  • self-care plan including herbal medicine, nutrition, and lifestyle recommendations


Optimize Brain Health (without acupuncture), $399

  1. A program designed to activate your brain which will ignite your heart.  It includes an individualized wholistic assessment and evaluation of your brain function with a step by step comprehensive treatment plan.
  2. Five individualized appointments and email support throughout the program
  3. Inclusive treatment of all aspects of your body/mind/spirit that affect your brain.  This can include nutraceuticals/herbs/supplements (priced separately), digestive support, sleep support, basic neurological exam, resources, food therapy, physical exercise, brain exercise, dementia risk and preventative strategies and meditation.

Please call Whitney at 828-778-4180 to schedule a new patient Optimize Brain Health Appointment. 

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