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Brain On! Adult Brain Health Classes

Brain On! Adult Brain Health Classes

For adults who want to improve their overall health, memory, energy, focus, mood, and weight.  Risk factors of dementia will be discussed as well as prevention.  Learn more about how the most important organ in your body works, what it needs to work beautifully and what is harmful for it.  Fortunately we are not stuck with the brain we have, no matter what our age!  Short term memory loss, word loss, losing things, this is Not a normal part of aging.  Come and learn what you can do on a daily basis to increase the vitality of your brain, and therefore, your overall health and wellbeing. 

Next Session dates TBA by February 2019

Six week 2-hour class includes 1-hour Individualized Pre-Screening appointment (Valued at $150) prior to the class series.

Class participants will have a complete individualized treatment plan for optimizing their over all brain health that they will be able to integrate into their daily lives.