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Brain Thrive by 25, Teen Brain Health Classes (Next Session)

“Brain Thrive by 25” is a class designed by Dr. Daniel Amen to teach teens specific strategies and practical skills to optimize the functioning of their developing brains, so they can be more successful in school, work, relationships and health.  We teach our children about nutrition, exercise, how important sleep is, sex et al, but as a society, we do not give much focus on the most important organ in the human body.  The organ that determines how we will experience our life.  This class will help them not only in their own lives, but in understanding those they interact with, and perhaps helping others who are struggling to get the help that they need.    

The next session offered for this 4 Day Class:

NEXT Session Dates TBA by February 2019

For those interested, for an extra fee, 3 college credits are available for this class.

“What Research Shows:

Brain Thrive by 25 is a scientifically-designed research-based course designed to change the lives of teenagers and young adults all over the world.

Multi-Dimensional Education, Inc., (MDEI) an independent education research group, studied the effects of Brain Thrive by 25 at 16 sites on over 330 students.

  • Significantly decreased drug, alcohol and tobacco use
  • Decreased depression
  • Improved self-esteem

According to Dr. Doug Grove, President of MDEI, “After spending a year organizing and implementing the study, and weeks of analysis, the results strongly supported that unlike many interventions we have evaluated, Brain Thrive by 25 was literally making a difference in developing better minds of the students who took part in the intervention.””

For more information, email, or call Whitney at 828-778-4180.