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Exciting Announcement!

December 2018 Announcement


I have very exciting news to share with you all.   My brain health work has been so well received and incredibly needed, that I am forming a partnership with Katie Hanning in the creation of Sollay Institute for Health which is dedicated to facilitating brain health optimization for individuals and organizations.  Because my time will soon be dedicated completely to this new venture, I have hired Sharlette Winters, Lic  Ac to fulfill the Acupuncture & Chinese herbal services.  And due to continued strong demand, we will be relocating Source back to Black Mountain. We are firming up location and move date and will be updating you shortly.  In the meantime, Source will continue out of my current home office in Swannanoa.

We will be working to support your whole health.  If you have pain, blockage, or imbalance or any kind that affects your daily or life-vision, Sharlette is at your service utilizing acupuncture and Chinese medicine.  If you have a brain health issue, Katie and i are at your service through the Brain Health Optimization program and classes/education.

How will this impact you?

I am excited to introduce you to Sharlette personally over the next month.  I will be training Sharlette on Source’s systems from now until January 19, 2019.  I can’t wait for you to meet her!  We will be working together with you throughout this time.  

  • You will be able to make acupuncture appointments and pick up herbs/supplements as you have been until January 19, 2019. 
  • Sharlette will be taking over my treatment schedule and able to continue to fulfill your Chinese herbal/supplement needs starting January 20th, 2019 as she will be taking over my entire herbal inventory except for the brain health supplements.
  • Brain health supplements will continue to be available directly from me after January 20, 2019.   

Who is Sharlette and Why did I specifically hire her?

Sharlette Winters is an experienced and gifted Licensed Acupuncturist (2009), Hypnotherapist, Yoga Instructor, and Reiki Practitioner.  For her bio, click here.

When I realized this summer that I could no longer continue to operate a full acupuncture practice along with this new calling, it took me by surprise…shock, really.  I realized that I was being called to serve in a different way, and that brain health optimization and education is clearly the next part of my Path as a healer and educator.

In June of this year I started to see Sharlette for acupuncture and healing work.  She was vitally instrumental in helping me keep my balance with a very full and stressful workload created when I began operating two busy companies simultaneously. 

As the awareness started to settle in, I was deeply conflicted; how do I take care of my clients and my community that I have served and dedicated my life to for the past 18 years and also fulfill this new calling?  Then I realized that the person who took amazing care of the me during a very challenging time in my life, would be equally great at taking care of my clients.   After moving from Florida a year ago, Sharlette was already ready to expand her practice in Asheville. I proposed the idea that, instead, she might consider working with my clients at Source. Very soon after shadowing me in the clinic I realized that she was THE one that I could confidently entrust to work with my most precious clients and community.

As I have approached this crossroad, I have done a great deal of inner work.
As you can imagine, I have not made this decision lightly.

I want to ensure each and every one of you that Sharlette has been treating me, your acupuncturist, and that I, with the utmost confidence, am entrusting her fully with your healthcare and well-being.  

How did Sollay Institute for Health come about? 

As so many of you know, I have been following a calling of service that I was not even aware existed for me until two years ago: when I finally found help for my daughter, Hailey (now in college), for her learning disabilities.  We struggled for 13 years to find her support until, finally, we went to the Amen Clinic for brain scans.  With their individualized, detailed, treatment plan and brain nutrient regime, my daughter’s life changed dramatically.  After just two weeks following her brain health treatment plan, she went from a 17% on her PSAT as a sophomore, to a 74% on her SAT’s one year later.  This was just one of many brain health changes that took place.  The change in her life was so dramatic that I took a sabbatical in February 2017 to become one of Amen Clinic’s Brain Health Certified Coaches. 

Immediately I started incorporating Dr. Amen’s 30 years of neuroscience with my training in Chinese Medicine in the treatment of my clients.  Since April 2018, I have given 33 classes and presentations, while also working full-time with my acupuncture practice, and developed an individualized Brain Health Optimization program.  My mission is to continue working with individuals through this program, while also teaching and developing curriculum that addresses learning, behavioral, and emotional issues and prevention of dementia.   

What is the next step?

There will be several e-zines over the next month to update you on logistics and details of the transition, so that your care will be virtually seamless. You can also keep an eye on our Facebook page as well.

To book appointments with Whitney and to meet Sharlette over the next month, please click here.  If you have any questions, please feel free to email me, or contact Sharlette.

I am so incredibly grateful for your support, understanding, and trust.  I know transition can be challenging, and it can also be an opportunity for us all as we reach for continued balance, healing and peace in this world. 

In Health and Well Being,

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