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Optimize Your Brain Health

If you want to feel sharper, more creative, feel more energy, improve academically, promote deeper restorative sleep, enhance your relationships, advance your career, prevent memory issues and create brain resiliency, this program is for you.

The program is designed to activate your brain which will ignite your heart.  It includes a wholistic assessment and evaluation of your brain function with a step by step comprehensive treatment plan.  Included in the program:

  • Assessment & Evaluation, 60 minute, in person 
  • Treatment Plan, Step 1, 30 minute consult, in person
  • Treatment Plan, Step 2, 30 minute consult, via phone
  • Treatment Plan, Step 3, 30 minute consult, via phone
  • 35 Day Evaluation, via email with written feedback
  • 70 Day Evaluation, via email with 30 minute, in person 

The Treatment plan is inclusive of all aspects of your body/mind/spirit that affect the brain.  This can include nutraceuticals/herbs/supplements and dosing (priced separately), digestive support, sleep support, basic neurological exam, resources, food therapy, physical exercise, brain exercise, dementia risk and preventatitve strategies and meditation. 

Referrals may be made for blood or saliva tests.  

A one hour acupuncture session can be added to any of the above appointments for an additional $85 per appointment.  

Total program: $399

Call Whitney at 828-778-4180 to start your personalized brain optimization program.