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I am excited to share that my practice will now be integrating the most current discoveries in neuroscience and the wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  This enables me to utilize the best of both worlds to facilitate and strengthen your overall health and well-being.

I will continue to offer acupuncture within the scope of Traditional Chinese Medicine treatments and have also created Optimize Your Brain Health, a program designed to activate your brain and ignite your heart.  For more information on the program, click here.

Neuroscience  identifies where in the brain the imbalances such as anxiety, depression, weight issues, PTSD, learning disabilities, ADD, OCD, bipolar, ODD, addiction, brain injuries, and memory issues are located for more targeted treatment.  Creating resiliency in the brain and preventing dementia, such as Alzheimer’s are also targeted.

Not only can you bring the brain back into a more healthy state, but you can actually build brain reserves to then be able to more effectively handle life’s stressful times.

Did you know?

• You can see signs of dementia on brain scans 10-30 years prior to any first symptom.

• The slowing down of the digestive system can be a sign of the brain starting to slow down.

Why focus on brain health?

• There are things you can do today to have a healthy brain and to build reserves to prevent memory issues later in life. Keeping your brain healthy is one of the most important investments you can make. Your brain is involved with every aspect of your life – every decision, every relationship, and your perspective of your life experiences.

• Every decision we make is dependent upon information that our brain has. Do we have access to the best decision we can make?

• Our behavior today will affect our brain health tomorrow and in the years to come.

• Most exciting of all – the brain CAN change!

Why build brain reserves?

• Life is often very stressful at times.  This stress challenges and affects our brain  health.  Everyday we naturally lose 185,000 neurons, and when we are under intense stress, we lose even more.
• We need to take time now to help our brain function better and to help us make better decisions so that we can support our brain health as we get older.

For more information on the program click here: Optimize Your Brain Health Or call Whitney at 828-778-4180 to make your new client appointment.

 For information click on Adult Brain Health and Teen Brain Health  Classes.