Source for Well-Being

New Clients

Welcome and thank you for choosing Source for Well-Being! My practice integrates modern neuroscience with the wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine, which enables me to utilize the best of both worlds to facilitate and strengthen your overall health and well-being. In addition to traditional acupuncture treatments, I offer Integrated Brain Health sessions and a comprehensive package which merges the two.

Please call Whitney at (828) 778-4180 to schedule a new patient appointment. After your initial visit, you will be able to use the convenient online scheduler.


Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture Treatment

  • 2-hour new patient intake and acupuncture treatment
  • follow-up appointments will last 1 hour
  • self-care plan including herbal medicine, nutrition, and lifestyle recommendations

Integrated Brain Package (without acupuncture)
For $399:

  • 1-hour brain health assessment & diagnosis
  • 1-hour treatment plan
  • Dementia assessment & prevention
  • Follow-up e-mail in 35 days
  • 30-minute follow-up appointment in 70 days
Comprehensive Package (includes acupuncture)
For $479:
  • 90-minute brain health assessment, diagnosis & treatment plan
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine Diagnosis & Treatment plan
  • 1-hour acupuncture appointment (1 week after assessment)
  • Payment plan is available