Sound Therapy

What Can Sound Therapy Do For Me?

Sound therapy is nothing new. Today it is used by healers around the world in a variety of forms for pain, nervous tension, stress reduction, and emotional or energetic blockages in and around the body. Sound can touch the mind-body-spirit in ways that manual or biochemical intervention cannot.

It is can be used to help manage stress and pain, both physical and emotional, by working on the nervous system, the flesh and bone, and on the energetic field that permeates and surrounds the body. In working with clients, I use tuning forks at specific frequencies (Pythagorean) to harmonize the energetic structure of the person with the harmonic structure of the universe and with themselves at a deeper level!

Healers have used song and music to affect the mind-body-spirit for ages. In cultures where these practices survive, chants or songs are given as medicine, rather than drugs or even lifestyle recommendation.

There are two types of sound therapy that I use with my clients: Biofield Tuning(TM) and direct application.

Biofield Tuning (TM) is a specialized form of sound therapy using tuning forks that is able to unblock stuck energy in the biofield of the human body. The discoverer of Biofield Tuning, Eileen McKusick, is committed to this knowledge fitting into a growing body of research on the reality of the human biofield and it’s implications in health. Here is a quick video:

The other technique I employ with tuning forks is more direct. By simply resonating the bones, the frequencies of the forks can spread throughout the entire body! The bones are musical instruments!

There is also growing research demonstrating that subtle vibrations are capable of increasing bone mass. This is why cats have some of the strongest bones in the entire animal kingdom — they purr! Having healthy bone mass as you age is highly correlated with longevity.

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