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Thank You, Our Hearts Are Rejuvenated

white horseWe would like to extend our deepest gratitude to the many many people and businesses that have supported us and Source for Well-Being. There are so many people to thank.

Thank you to those who originated the idea of the benefit:   Cinnamon Kennedy, Marina Raye, George LeRoy, and Tracey Schmidt, for coming to us and saying, “We want to help. Let us do a fundraiser!”

Thank you to John VanArnam, whose passion and vision is grand and who led the benefit team.  Thank you to Beth Murphy and Courtney Smith who took decisive action to provide such incredible results.

Thank you to Linda, Pat, and Katie who gave hours and hours of their time to take care of the many details, and to the entire Source team.

Thank you to Heidi Blozan and the owners of The Orange Thing, Danny & Karen Leonetti, who showed up on the day of the event unexpectedly to help set up.

Thank you to the musicians & artists: BJ Leiderman, Richard Shulman, Joshua Messick, Marina Raye, Rita Hayes, Daniel Barber, Bob Hinkle, Tracey Schmidt, Jimmy Landry, Matthew Cox, Sara Moor and Majo Madden who shared their gifts, time, & energy with our amazing crowd.

Thank you to the Whitehorse who hosted this event so beautifully and is a beacon in this town as a gathering place to build community.

Thank you to the 16 restaurants who donated food.  Thank you to over 180 Black Mountain Business’ and individuals who gave products & services to the Silent Auction. Thank you to the corporate sponsors and to the online donators. Thank you to St. James Episcopal Church, Black Mountain Presbyterian Church, First Baptist Church and 5/3rd Bank for supporting the event.

Thank you to over 300 people who came out for an incredible night, coming together as a community to create a healing space in Black Mountain.

Thanks to all of you, after expenses, $12,874 was raised, a huge portion of the $17,874 in legal fees we’ve incurred thus far, with an expected $5,000 more estimated if we go to trial. We do, however, continue to hold out hope for the opportunity to sit down with our elected officials to discuss a solution that would spare us and other citizens further disharmony.

Our hearts are rejuvenated and we look forward to being able to continue to serve and support our beautiful community.

In Overwhelming Gratitude . . . THANK YOU Black Mountain.

Whitney & Blake Madden

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10 Benefits of Yoga

By Danielle Rottenberg, Ayurvedic Practitioner & Bodyworker


1. Prevents Pains & Aches
As yoga improves flexibility and strength it also helps in preventing back pains and joint pains that often occur from long periods of sitting or driving. A daily yoga practice (even just 20 minutes a day) can help to relieve spinal tightness and contracted muscles in hamstrings and hip flexors. So do a little bit of yoga everyday to help keep the aches and pains away!

2. Mental Peace
Yoga’s overall emphasis on breathing and other balancing asanas help in harmonizing both sides of the brain. This also helps with decision making and having more clarity to complete our daily tasks. By practicing yoga, you can find a state of balance between your thinking brain and your creative brain. Sounds like a great way to achieve some peace!

 3. Strength
As you can imagine by doing plank poses, downward facing dogs, standing and balancing poses, we are aquiring strength in various muscles. But do you realize that with adding twists, breath work, inversions and forward folds you are strengthing your immune system, nervous system, digestive system, respiratory system, circulatory system and reproductive system. Not bad eh?

4. Good Circulation
A combination of breathing techniques and yoga poses can improve proper blood circulation in your body. With an increase in blood circulation you will feel more energized, experience more mental clarity, have healthier organs and glowing skin.

5. Improves Balance
As we age, we can begin to experience poor posture and with that, our balance suffers. Without improving our core strength through yoga and other types of exercises we are more susceptible to falls, fractures and poor back health. Yoga can help you regain this lost balance and core control.

6. Stress Reduction
Yoga helps in relieving stress. When you practice yoga after a hectic day, you will notice that all (or most) of your stress will melt away. So after a long day at the office de-stress with yoga. Better yet, start your day with yoga and watch the stress just bounce off of you as if you have superman or superwoman powers.

7. Energy
Yoga asanas, breath work or (pranayama) are just a few examples of how to activate and balance your energy pathways. By using these tools you can gain the vitality and power you need to maximize your potential. Who wouldn’t want that?

8. Living with Greater Awareness
The mind is constantly involved in activity – thoughts of the past or worrying about the future. These thoughts leave you unable to be present, to truly be in the moment, yoga  can help! By simply being aware of this wayward mind, we can help reduce stress or worry by bringing consciousness to the breath.  Yoga, meditation and pranayama help create that awareness and bring the mind back to the present moment, because really being present is the greatest gift we can have.

9. Yoga Will Help You Lose Weight

Well you may not burn thousands of calories in a yoga class but what yoga does do is change your mind: It changes the way you approach life, your body image, and eating. Yoga brings you a sense of consciousness that allows you to become more aware of what you are eating and how you are eating.

10. Healing
The power of Yoga to heal ailments and cure diseases is becoming more and more an integral part of mainstream medical practice and treatment methods.  Even Western Medicine is beginning to see the power that yoga can have on those experiencing dis-ease. This ability of Yoga to heal also promotes longevity from the inside, out.



Thanks to YOU We’re #1

best of 2013We are honored to be named the “Best Alternative Healing Center” in Western North Carolina by you lovely voters in this year’s Mountain Xpress contest.  In the past five years, Source has won First Place in the category a total of four times, and came in second the other year.

Our wonderful supporters also recognized our practitioners:

  • Whitney Madden tied for first place as Best Acupuncturist and tied third place for Best Herbal Healer
  • Diane Douglas won second place for Best Therapist (Physical)
  • Dr. Renee Graziano won third place for Best Chiropractor

Source was founded 11 years ago by Whitney Madden; her vision has manifested itself into what has become a wonderfully rich resource for the community, an alternative healing center consisting of talented practitioners offering diverse integrative care services to help the community. It is so gratifying to know the community supports that vision.

The entire team at Source is dedicated and committed to providing quality care to our clients, and we are immensely grateful for the opportunity to serve you.

Thanks to you, Source for Well-Being is here to stay!


10 Tips to a Better Digestion (through the eyes of Ayurveda)

By Danielle, Rottenberg, LMBT & Ayurvedic Practitioner

“We should eat to live, not live to eat.”  ~ Light Miller

As Americans, we tend to live in a fast paced go get ʻem world. We get up first thing in the morning toast in hand, coffee in a to-go mug and off we go to start our hectic day. From there, we may have a “power lunch” where we eat while we work. Symptoms related to improper digestion is becoming a major issue in our country and in our health. Such symptoms of gas, bloating, indigestion, heartburn, the feeling of heaviness after a meal are all indications of foods not being absorbed and assimilated to the best of its ability. In Ayurveda and other holistic systems, disease starts with digestion. It is essential to our health to slow down and eat our meals mindfully, to revere our food, to pay homage to the earth, to be thankful for what we have and for its abundance. It is time for us to make the time to eat. We also need to be aware of the physical importance of sitting down to eat our meal. When we sit down to eat, our stomach is in a relaxed posture. This makes assimilating food much easier. Here are 10 helpful hints to aid in a better absorption of our food.

  1. Do not drink cold or iced water. Drinking cold water or juices can dilute your digestive juices and make it harder to break down the food. If you can, try not to drink water or liquids at least 1/2 hour after a meal. This will allow for the fire (agni) to stay heated to allow for optimal digestion and metabolic productivity. If you need to drink during your meals, just take a few sips of warm water. Also note, drinking a glass of warm water 20 minutes before your meal with lemon juice can help stimulate your digestion.
  2. Eat your biggest/bigger meal at lunch time between 12 to 2pm. Due to the time of the day, our fire or “agni” is at its best during these hours and has the ability to break down food optimally. It is also the time when we need our most fuel. Lighter foods should be eaten in morning and night time. Eat 3 meals a day. If you are not taking in the proper foods as needed then you can throw off your digestive rhythm. If you can picture our metabolism like a wave, the digestive fire builds up in the morning, peaks in the afternoon and then ebbs in the evening. Dinner should be eaten before 8pm, preferably 6:30 to allow for time for optimal digestion and absorption.
  3. Sit while eating your food. Practice food sadhana, honor your food, make a small ceremony around it, bless the food and eat in a calm and peaceful environment, no tv, loud music or distracting conversation, allow the food to be your main focus. Donʼt eat on the run, or while driving or talking on phone. Prepare your room with fresh flowers if you can, allow for a pleasant environment and try to have all the things you need on the table so you donʼt have to get up and disturb your meal time. This is your time to enjoy, celebrate and be a part of what great things our earth has to offer.
  4. Eat slowly and do not eat while you are upset or emotional. Digestion is key to great health, if it is not in good running order than the indigested food will collect in the intestines and cause bacteria (or ama). Indigested food can also be responsible for sluggishness and imbalance, which in turn can effect our immunity and health.
  5. Eat at scheduled times during the day, your body likes to be on a schedule. Depending on your doshic type,Vata people may need to eat more frequently and enjoy warmer foods to keep them grounded and their blood sugar balanced . Pitta people have stronger appetites and may need to eat more often throughout the day Pitta people should eat cooler foods to not “over heat” or have acid reflux. Kapha people tend to have a more sluggish digestive system so they may need to eat less frequently.
  6. Eat fresh, in season organic foods. We are in synch with the earth and with what are bodies need at that time related to nutrients and vitamins.
  7. Drink a warm glass of water with some fresh lemon or a tablespoon of lemon juice first thing in the morning. This helps with elimination and gets the digestive juices flowing and cleans out the digestive tract before starting your day.
  8. Avoid incompatible food combining: milk and cream should not be combined with salty or sour. Eat fruits by themselves and preferably in the morning, that is when they are best digested. Do not combine proteins with starches as that is harder to digest. Sandwiches are not necessarily the best food combination, nor cheeseburger (meat, starches and dairy), yogurt with fruit, pizza (mixing wheat with cheese and tomatoes), apples with peanut butter.
  9. Donʼt over eat: you should stop eating by 75% of fullness, allow at-least 3 to 4 hours between meals, wait until you are hungry. If you want to have a dessert it is best as a snack but not after a meal, as too much sweetness interferes with protein digestion.
  10. Chew your food. Chewing is the beginning of the process. Digestion occurs as soon as we begin chewing. If you can chew your food extremely well it makes the stomach and intestines not have to work so hard. Chewing causes secretions of saliva which helps prevent over eating. Take small bites.



Beyonce, Shame On Your Beautiful Self

By Rebecca Word, ND

So, I’m on the elliptical at Cheshire Fitness Center on the morning of December 11…you’ll get the irony of this when I rant for a minute…and I see a blurb run across the news channel. “Beyonce signs 50 million dollar contract with Pepsi.” She will be the official face of Pepsi, as in on the can, in the commercials, glamorizing the heck out of it. I think my mouth literally dropped open momentarily. We’re talking about an insanely wealthy woman here prostituting (sorry is that harsh?), herself, for more bucks to a company that is part of an industry ruining the health of soda guzzlers worldwide.

OK, adults can make decisions for themselves (can we?), but kids are a vulnerable audience. Beyonce is a role model for millions of young kids and teens. Can we all say it together, “Childhood obesity epidemic…childhood diabetes epidemic?” Nuff said. Shame on you, Beyonce, shame on your beautiful self.