Beyonce, Shame On Your Beautiful Self

By Rebecca Word, ND

So, I’m on the elliptical at Cheshire Fitness Center on the morning of December 11…you’ll get the irony of this when I rant for a minute…and I see a blurb run across the news channel. “Beyonce signs 50 million dollar contract with Pepsi.” She will be the official face of Pepsi, as in on the can, in the commercials, glamorizing the heck out of it. I think my mouth literally dropped open momentarily. We’re talking about an insanely wealthy woman here prostituting (sorry is that harsh?), herself, for more bucks to a company that is part of an industry ruining the health of soda guzzlers worldwide.

OK, adults can make decisions for themselves (can we?), but kids are a vulnerable audience. Beyonce is a role model for millions of young kids and teens. Can we all say it together, “Childhood obesity epidemic…childhood diabetes epidemic?” Nuff said. Shame on you, Beyonce, shame on your beautiful self.