Low-Level Laser Therapy is helpful in managing the symptoms of:

  • Neuropathy and neuralgia
  • Skin issues
  • Mental fatigue
  • Joint immobility
  • Chronic or acute pain

Using light to change how your mitochondria perform is a process known as photobiomodulation – like what I do using far-infrared light therapy. Another form of photobiomodulation I often recommend is getting in the sun.

Far-infrared light therapy using the BioMat, Therabulb, and warm black tourmaline can reach deep into the body to increase circulation and promote relaxation. While it is extremely effective at creating a healing and relaxing environment, this part of what I do is a “shotgun” approach that effects the entire body, all at once.

Acupuncturists are trained in the use of the body’s acupuncture-channel-system in the prevention and mitigation of disease. Some trained acupuncturists, like myself, also use microsystems like the ear for auriculotherapy or the hand for Korean Hand Energetics. Taking these systems and applying the therapeutic use of lasers – this is the precision approach.

I use a set of three of professional-grade lasers (red, blue, and green) depending on the complaint and on how the client presents.

Lasers are often used for pain and for inflammation of the joints or for lack of joint mobility. They are also used for skin conditions and have been used to reduce in hair loss and to promote the healing of wounds. There is fascinating evidence suggesting that lasers can result in significant changes to brain activity and that they can reduce inflammation by suppressing reactive-oxygen species. There is evidence that low-level laser therapy can reduce mitochondrial cell death and promote the scavenging of free radicals. There is even some evidence suggesting that the effects of low-level laser therapy has longer lasting effects than acupuncture!

Come experience the power of photobiomodulation and low-level laser therapy!

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