Source’s Future

To Our Most Amazing, Courageous, and Loyal Clients,

I share this news with a very heavy heart. Sadly, Source For Well-Being will be closing as of June 30, 2014. We will be in full service until then – our last day of treatments will be Monday, June 30th in our beautiful Source House on Montreat Road.

Starting July 1st, we, as practitioners will continue to serve you… but individually at different locations. Each of us will continue to offer the same compassionate and skilled care that you have always expected from us. Most practitioners will continue to practice in the local area. Practitioners are securing locations at this time. They will of course directly communicate with you as their plans are finalized. Also, stay tuned to our upcoming e-zines in June which will update where each individual practitioner will be practicing as it is finalized. Individual email links are at the end of this letter if you would like to contact them in the meantime.

It has been a long, hard road, as so many of you know, to come to this point. You have all fought beside us on this journey and have been with us every step of the way, including creating and participating in the phenomenal benefit concert and on-line fundraiser. You gave us another year and a half of service in this town. You have gifted us with your emotional and financial support, your energy in actively letting the town administration and Board of Aldermen know how you feel, by signing the petition…the list is endless, truly. We can not thank you ever enough for standing beside us. We are blessed by the community we serve.

For the past year and a half, we kept hoping that the Board of Aldermen would do the right thing and repair the massive damage that the town manager, his staff, and the Zoning Board of Adjustment have created. Appallingly, that did not happen, even after getting 1,200 signatures on a petition requesting them to take right and legal action, that absolutely is in their power to do so.

The Source Team gathered a few weeks ago, after the last Board of Aldermen meeting, with the knowledge that the one and only path left was to sue the town. We had tried everything in our power to mediate with the town, but the town manager steadfastly refused to even have a conversation about it. Taking stock of our exhaustion and stress level from this past year, we determined that in order to take care of ourselves it is necessary for us to shut down the center. We need to recuperate, heal, and spend time with our families without the constant stress hanging over our heads that consumes our waking and sleeping hours. To rebuild the center in another town was certainly discussed, but taking inventory of our energy, we realized it was just not possible at this time.

We’ve had to make many hard decisions along the way. In the beginning, the shock of what was happening was very hard to grasp. How could we be shut down when we had done our due diligence? Day after day, night after night, the stress of not knowing what was going to happen next wore on us. Would we remain open? Would we be forced again to shut down? Where would our clients be seen? How would practitioners continue to make a living? When would the harassment stop? Our resident, Blake, and I all withstood the inquisition at the hands of the Zoning Board of Adjustment for five grueling months last year. We were treated like criminals, threatened, bullied, lied to, harassed, trespassed against, and publicly challenged on the Source Facebook site by an employee of the town. When would it end? When would it stop? It must stop now. We are stopping the abuse by disengaging and preserving our own lives and so that we may continue to serve our clients in a non-threatening atmosphere.

Yes, we could go on to the Buncombe County Superior Court and, most likely, win. We have no doubt that a judge looking at the clear evidence would declare us as having the right to stay. But, it begs the question, if we are here to serve you, our clients, in empowering yourselves to create balance, peace, health and vitality from within, how can we, as a Wellness Center, exist in a neighborhood where the town will not support us? This is an integrity issue that we take very seriously.

As another deciding factor, personally, as a practitioner of Chinese Medicine, my focus is always on getting to the root of the imbalance. By winning in court, it puts a band-aid on our situation, but it does not take care of the root of the problem, which we feel is a personnel issue in this town, both at the administrative and Board of Aldermen levels. Not only would we be unable to repair the root of the problem, but we would also be contributing more tax dollars to a system that is very broken. Why spend more personal and community energy and tax resources on a problem that could not be fixed by the Superior Court? And, why pay into a system that not only does not support us, but abuses us as well?

As you can probably imagine, this has not been an easy decision. It has weighed heavily on us since March 6th, 2013. We do not make this decision lightly, as we know how deeply it affects you as well.

We thank you for your patience as this transition is made. We will continue communicating with each of you as decisions are made via email, e-zines, Facebook, and the Source website.

Thank you for your passionate support and love. During these past 12 years it has been a humbling honor for the Source community to serve you. We are so grateful to have you in our lives, and we hope you will allow us to continue to serve you now and in the future.

With Abiding Love and Gratitude,

Whitney & Blake and Source Team


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