This is Your Body on Microwaves

Let’s face it:

We’re microwaving ourselves.

Cell phones, microwave ovens, Wifi routers, bluetooth devices, and other electronics that use microwave and radiowave frequencies have been encroaching on our lives for decades – and they’re hurting our bodies.

It’s the official position of the industry and the NIH that because the radiation coming from electronic devices is non-ionizing (doesn’t contain enough energy to “knock electrons off their orbits”), it means that the radiation is relatively harmless. If they were ionizing, they would very easily cause cancer (as in the case of Gamma radiation and the radiation people think of when they think Chernobyl, Fukushima, etc.). But is this really the only factor determining whether or not these frequencies are safe?

The wavelengths used by our electronic devices range from 0.6MHz (in the case of AM Radio) all the way up to almost 500,000MHz/500GHz (in the case of remote controls and wireless key fobbs). Most cell phones today operate between 1.9-2.2GHz while Wifi Routers, Bluetooth devices, and microwave ovens operate around the 2.4Ghz wavelength. Interestingly, this puts the majority of our electronic devices right on the border between radiowaves and microwaves. With the advent of “5G” wireless communications, there will be a sharp increase in the use of 15GHz wavelengths in our environment – which is well within the microwave range.

These non-ionizing waves are thermal waves – which is why your head heats up when you hold your phone to it.

Now, it would be silly to think that all radiation is bad. Fritz Albert Popp discovered that life emits wavelengths ranging from 750 to 200nm (encompassing visible light and just a smidge into ultraviolet). Yes, you emit light. This light is referred to as biophotonic emission, ultraweak bioluminescence, or simply biophotons. It is believed by many to be fundamental to the electromagnetic nature of cellular communication and part of what keeps you whole.

The light of the Sun, of a flame, and the light emitted by your body are all natural. There’s nothing alien about these wavelengths when it comes to your biology. Keep in mind that light itself is an electromagnetic radiation (EMR) and entails an electromagnetic frequency (EMF). Electromagnetic radiation is what gives you that healthy tan. A more descriptive version of the culprit in question is nnEMF. The “nn” stands for non-native. The EMF coming from our electronic devices is not native to our biology, be it how we evolved or were designed. You can think of these frequencies as being xenobiotic in the same way that plastics and pharmaceuticals are, meaning that they don’t occur as a natural product of life but rather as a product of technological advancement in telecommunications.

…Now for the scary stuff.

  • The thermal radiation from cell phones heats brain tissue and oxidizes glucose in the brain, potentially leading to early onset dementia due to oxidative stress on the brain. [1] Unless you anti-oxidize naturally, this will age you faster.
  • There are multitudes of well-conducted studies demonstrating higher incidence of cancer with greater cellphone use. [2, 3, 4]
  • Because of their body composition, children actually absorb more microwave radiation into their tissues than adults. [4, 5] Children get more brain tumors as well. They really are sponges, in every sense of the word.
  • An NIH study found lower body weights in newborn rats who were exposed to radiofrequency radiation during pregnancy and lactation. [6]
  • Studies show decreases in serum testosterone after exposure to cell phone radiation [7] and even a decrease in the diameter and increase in the number of seminiferus tubules in the testes, along with a subsequent decrease in sperm motility due to abnormal testicular histology. [8] Most men carry their phone in their pockets, next to their reproductive organs. If my phone is in my pocket, it’s on airplane mode.
  • Pineal melatonin synthesis (one of the most anti-cancer chemicals you make) is significantly disrupted by only a single 30-min magnetic field exposure where the fields north and south axis are 50 degrees off from the Earth’s field. [9] In other words, your circadian rhythm is dependent upon your brains orientation to the magnetic field of the Earth, and exogenous magnetic fields disrupt this.
  • Living under high-tension power lines has been known to be associated with childhood leukemia since 1976. [10]

In their attempt to comprehend the electromagnetic nature of life, researchers like Giudice, Frohlich, and Ho come to a resoundingly similar conclusion: that life is fundamentally an electromagnetic phenomenon and that even the weakest electromagnetic fields can profoundly influence biology.

There are things you can do to protect yourself.

  • Minimize the use of electronics and nnEMF exposure.
  • Turn your wifi router off at night. Get into the habit.
  • Put your phone on airplane mode at night.
  • Don’t keep your phone in your pocket unless it’s on airplane mode. If you need it to on, keep it in your hand or set it down somewhere nearby. (Or get a pair of these fancy EMF-blocking undies.)
  • Don’t wear FitBits or performance trackers.
  • Use headphones (especially air-tube headphones) rather than holding your phone to your head.
  • Don’t use microwave ovens. Use a toaster oven.
  • Take iodine.
  • Wear black tourmaline, shungite, or sodalite.
  • Take reishi, chaga, he shou wu, green tea, tulsi, or other radioprotective herbs and mushrooms. Many substances that are strongly anti-oxidative are also radioprotective.
  • Take resveratrol, eat grapes, or drink red wine (in moderation). Resveratrol is highly radioprotective.
  • Do qigong – strengthen the coherence of your own electromagnetic field.
  • Get grounded – the most anti-inflammatory thing a human being can do.

Take care of your biofield and be aware of the power of these devices that are such an integral part of our lives.

SUN & EARTH: Get Grounded and Get Tan

One thing that my clients often hear from me is that I want their “bare feet on the ground and bare body in the sun.” This article explains some simple reasons why.

I have come to find that many of us are Sun and Earth deficient. We simply don’t spend enough time in the Sun or on the ground.


For the cost of taking your shoes off and standing outside, you have access to the most powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant “drug” on Earth – the Earth itself. Our planet is a battery for practically infinite electrical charge relative to the human body. All you have to do to access this power is touch the ground.

The negative charge of the electron is why it feels so good to breathe the ocean air or the air during a thunderstorm. It is why we put salt lamps in our homes. It is why we enjoy long, hot showers. It plays a part in the healing power of stones like amethyst and tourmaline. The healing properties of these things come from negative ions (in this case, the electrons themselves) neutralizing the positive charge of the chronic inflammation in our bodies (reactive oxygen species).

The damage we accrue from stress and toxicity that leads to aging is fundamentally a result of not having enough charge to neutralize the free radicals that cause oxidative damage. The instant your feet touch the ground, the positive ions in your body are neutralized and your bodies electrical imbalance is brought into harmony with the charge of the Earth.

  • While your feet are on the ground, there is virtually no inflammation present in your body. [1]
  • Being grounded activates the parasympathetic nervous system, reduces cortisol, and synchronizes the left and right hemispheres of the brain. [2]
  • When you are grounded it thins the blood (by lowering the zeta potential of the blood, a measurement of electrokinetic attraction between red blood cells) and allows the RBCs to communicate more effectively and find resonance with one another rather than clumping together. This improves circulation tremendously. [1]
  • Your feet are designed to be maximally conductive to the Earth’s negative charge! (Especially given the very special acupuncture point on the bottom of the foot: Kidney 1 Yongquan – one of my favorite points)
  • Grounding is ~10,000x more anti-inflammatory than curcumin (one of the most popular plant-based anti-inflammatories). You can take all the turmeric in the world (and it’s great!) but only grounding is so anti-inflammatory that it actually expands the congealed blood in your veins within minutes.
  • Grounding quickly normalizes heart rate variability (HRV), a factor that shows promise as one of the best measurements of overall wellbeing and reduced incidence of all disease.

In the words of James Oschmann, “do you want your blood to be ketchup or red wine?”

The take-away: The single most anti-inflammatory thing a person can do is have their feet touching the bare ground.

Taking time to get grounded can easily be integrated into your life.

Here’s a video of Dr. Mercola interviewing one of the leaders in Earthing research:

Getting Tan

Many of us avoid the Sun because we have been brought to believe it is bad for our health. Sunscreen use and shoes with plastic soles that insulate us from the Earth are ubiquitous. We have been taught that the Sun causes cancer and wrinkles the skin. This has been shown to be true, but there are confounding factors at play. I believe that the Sun only causes this kind of damage under the conditions: 1) when the body is toxic and overburdened by stress and oxidative damage, especially over-exposure to artificial light. 2) when we aren’t used to the Sun and get it only in spurts rather than purposefully maintaining a tan. 3) when we aren’t grounded while in the Sun.

When you get in the Sun it recalibrates your body to its natural circadian rhythm! This normalizes your leptin response and regulates appetite (more strongly than any “appetite suppressant” out there). The light from the Sun is what tells your body what hormones to produce and when. Getting morning and afternoon Sun tells your body to make growth hormone and sex hormones. Midday Sun tells your body to work hard and focus on producing neurotrasmitters to get the job done.

Two of the most powerful anti-cancer compound in your body are made in the Sun: melatonin and Vitamin D. Melatonin has shown numerous anti-cancer and anti-aging benefits in studies. It is the “master of sleep” and amazingly it is produced in the eye and in the skin – during the day!

For more information on these topics, check out this article.

Vitamin D controls the expression of over 5% of the human genome and is implicated in cancer and many chronic conditions (in fact, low Vitamin D is associated with increased risk of all cancers and shorter lifespan). Most don’t know that Vitamin D isn’t actually a vitamin – it’s a hormone and is necessary for life! It is so powerful that it binds directly to DNA to control their expression. It’s not enough to take supplemental Vitamin D –  you must get it from the Sun if you really want enough! Your body even has special built in mechanisms to shut off Vitamin D production when you’ve had just the right amount.

How could the Sun be bad for you when we must have it to produce these crucial chemicals? I believe it is because the level of oxidative damage from other causes can outweigh our bodies ability to use the potential of the Sun. This is another reason why it’s important to increase your Sun exposure gradually but also to be grounded. You literally become a solar panel when you are in the Sun – you make electricity! The best way to safely balance this extra power (so you don’t fry your mitochondria) is to simply have your body touching the ground while you are in the Sun. I like to have my feet flat on the ground and “plug” my fingertips into the Earth. The best nap you’ve ever had is a ground nap!

A tan is a sign of good health. The more tan you are, the less likely you are to be damaged by the Sun and the more likely you are to utilize the Sun’s health-giving rays. When you have a tan (also known as a solar callous), you actually absorb more of the sunlight and use it for energy and for photochemical reactions (making Vitamin D, melatonin, etc.). A tan comes from the increased melanin your body puts out in order to make use of the sunlight. We now know that melanin is a superconductor and is being used in high-level electronics development. It is worth 400$ per gram. A gram of gold is only worth around 50$!

Being in the Sun also burns fat and benefits circulation. Your mitochondria thrive while operating off of sunlight. Being in the Sun is the equivalent of being in an infrared sauna (42% of the Sun’s rays are infrared), which promotes the detoxification of plastics along with many other benefits.

In my practice I encourage people to get back in touch with the Sun and the Earth. I am sure you will reap the benefits if you take this information to heart and proceed carefully. Go get your feet on the ground! Get some sunlight! Your body will thank you.