The Legacy of Source

In 2000 Whitney Madden, Lic Ac, founded what was to become Source For Well-Being, LLC in Black Mountain.  For the 14 years that the center was located in Black Mountain, over 32 practitioners served the greater Swannanoa Valley community as part of Source, giving over 100,000 treatments during that time.  Practitioners included naturopath, massage therapists, therapists, acupuncturists, chiropractor, nutritionist…the list goes on.  The clients benefited greatly from the holistic practitioner community that served them.

In 2014, after a disappointing chain of events because of a sudden zoning controversy, Whitney decided to close the center to focus on her work as an acupuncturist.  Within the past three years, she has integrated the newest discoveries in neuroscience (brain health) into her Chinese Medicine practice.

Whitney’s next calling is requiring her to take time for research, consulting and teaching. Thus, she decided to sell her practice of 19 years. Whitney wanted to ensure that her beloved clients would continue to be well-cared for. She was thrilled to find someone with that degree of passion, wisdom and distinction in Conner Kees. With Conner acquiring Source, three dreams have been fulfilled: clients will continue to receive the care to which they are accustomed; Conner’s dream to live in Black Mountain and serve a wonderful community is fulfilled; and Whitney is now able to pursue her next vision and mission in life –optimizing brain health integrating the strengths of two medicines.

To read more about what Whitney is now doing and for brain health support, classes, and individual programs, please visit Sollay Institute for Health.