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Whitney Madden
Whitney Madden, Lic Ac    Whitney Madden is a NC Licensed Acupuncturist and a Board Certified Diplomat in Acupuncture since 2000. Whitney has a BS from Virginia Tech and a Diploma in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Masters Level, from the Florida Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Whitney’s practice includes all 8 Limbs of Traditional Chinese medicine with an emphasis on Acupuncture, Herbs, Food Therapy, Exercise and Meditation. As well, she has developed the Optimize Your Brain Health program integrating the most current neuroscience and Chinese Medicine.

Whitney is a facilitator of well-being for people’s mind, body and spirit. In her practice she assists her clients in becoming realigned with the true source of who they are.

Her goal is “to walk on the path of wellness with each client and hold the mirror and light for them so that they can gain the clarity they need to move forward in their lives.” Whitney holds the space of infinite miracles and possibilities to manifest quickly and easily for each individual.

Whitney’s healing journey began with chronic painful digestive issues that sustained 13 years. Over that time she saw different medical doctors and had many different diagnostic medical tests that could not account for her pain and discomfort. Finally, one medical doctor stopped long enough to really listen to her symptoms and the years of pain, and sent her to the health food store for the first time. After changing her diet dramatically and enlisting the help of a wonderful Naturopathic Doctor, her quality of life was returned to her. It was then that she realized there was a whole another world of treatment modalities and options to explore. When she started taking Tai Qi classes, she was fortunate enough to meet Master Hua Ching Ni, at that time he was 92 years old. He changed her course of life forever in a 20 minute meeting when he suggested she had the aptitude to go to Chinese Medical School. A month later she had her first Acupuncture treatment, and from there, the universe lined up synchronistic events to facilitate her training in Florida.

Whitney has been in practice for 18 years. She created and managed Award Winning Source For Well Being, a wholistic wellness center in Black Mountain that served the community for 12 years.

Whitney lives in Swannanoa with her husband, Blake Madden, and daughter, Hailey, who is 18 years old, and their puppy, Beau, who is being trained as a pet therapy dog.

What is Whitney’sacupuncture Philosophy on Healing? Whitney’s personal experience and that of her clients over the past 18 years has shown that any symptom, whether it is physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual, is a result of a blockage. The blockage is identified (we call that finding the root of the imbalance in Chinese Medicine); the client’s awareness is brought to it; and as treatment follows, it is then that the body can “remember” how to heal itself.

By the time a physical symptom arrives in the body, the root of the imbalance typically started long before it arrived on the physical dense level. Part of Whitney’s training is to help her clients really connect with and align with their body/mind/spirit in whatever that means for them on their journey at that moment.Awareness is KEY, and willingness to listen to one’s body/mind/spirit creates an atmosphere for balance and healing.

The goal of treatment is to bring the body/mind/spirit back into balance, and then the body/mind/spirit can innately heal itself. This is done utilizing acupuncture, Chinese herbs, nutrition, meditation, exercise, visualizations, and awareness.

Whitney feels it is an honor and privilege to walk with each individual on their healing journey and bear witness to miracles everyday.

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